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16-piece cupcake and decorating kit

16-piece cupcake and decorating kit. View larger.

From Curious Chef

Introducing Curious Chef, the first complete line of real cooking tools designed specifically for children. The mission of Curious Chef is to promote learning, bonding, and, of course, fun!

REAL cooking tools for kids!
Safe-to-use knives

Knives are safe for kids to use. View larger.

While there are many cooking sets on the market, most are miniaturized or “toy-like” versions of the original. Curious Chef takes pride in being real, functional, high quality, and safe for kids. Curious Chef is the only line of kids cooking tools made specifically for children ages 4 and up. Curious Chef consists of whisks that whip, rolling pins that roll, and knives that actually cut (and are safe)! The line offers extensive safety features and the handle itself was chosen by a kindergarten classroom.

Only Complete Kids Cooking Line

For the first time ever, children have access to over 70 different kitchen utensils and gadgets. Curious Chef provides everything from spatulas, aprons, and spoons to rolling pins and knives–perfect for cooking classes and serious young chefs.

Gift Kits–For Any Occasion
Fun for parties

Fun for birthday parties, holidays, and more. View larger.

Whether for a birthday, holiday, or just because, the assortment of pre-packed cooking Gift Kits make a perfect present for any young inquiring chef. Every Gift Kit comes complete with a sticker set, shopping list, and recipe. To go along with the Gift Kits, Curious Chef also offers three styles of Party Kits that make planning for a party of four easy and fun!

Last, but not least, Build a Kitchen sets serve as great foundational sets for any young child wanting to learn more about cooking. Each set is uniquely comprised of various items to ensure no duplication of utensils. The 27-Piece Foundation Set is the base set and a great way for any child to get started in the kitchen!

Durable cotton textiles

Kids feel like real chefs in Curious Chef textiles. View larger.

Dress Up With Curious Chef Textiles

Every child likes to play dress up. The Curious Chef assortment of textiles helps every child feel like a real chef. Textiles are made of highly durable cotton material.

Safety First

Curious Chef does its best to ensure children’s safety in the kitchen. Whether it’s knives that cut with a sawing action or pizza cutters that protect children’s hands from hot sauce–Curious Chef went the extra mile to design a line that will work while keeping kids safe. Numerous tests have been conducted to ensure that Curious Chef products are BPA free, CPSIA certified, and ASTM F963 certified.

About Curious Chef

Safe to use

The right tools for safe, hands-on fun in the kitchen. View larger.

As parents, we loved bonding with our little ones in the kitchen–it’s a place where learning is exciting and even disasters can be fun! But we struggled to find cooking utensils our children could use safely, comfortably, and successfully.

That’s when the light bulb flashed on!

As professionals in the house wares industry, we knew we could design quality kitchen utensils and gadgets that children could use and enjoy. After years of development and real-world testing, the Curious Chef collection of kid-friendly kitchen tools was born.

Comfortable handles

Comfortable handles ensure a secure grip. View larger.

Tools, not Toys

Every piece in our collection is sized for small hands. What’s more, we made them bright, fun, and easy to grip. Even our cutlery is plastic and nylon, with blunt tips for safety. Our collection is extensive, with nearly everything a sous-chef might need.

Join the Journey of Discovery

It soon became clear that when children have their own set of kitchen tools and gadgets, they can get pretty excited about cooking. In no time at all, budding chefs will be gathering at kitchen counters, concocting their very own edible creations, and bonding with adults in the comfort of home.

We hope you and your kids enjoy your own journey of cooking, discovery, and fun.

Curious Chef Product Safety

As parents ourselves, the Curious Chef management and product-development team cares for your child’s health and safety. We have gone above and beyond the mandated steps to assure you that all Curious Chef products are safe for your children as well as the environment.

All products comply with all relevant standards including the CPSC lead and phthalate (BPA) limits. Package materials are made from recycled materials.

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